Dog Jackets

One market that has expanded almost beyond recognition in the last ten to fifteen years is the market for dog accessories and clothing. This is partly due to people having larger disposable incomes, which they enjoy spending on their loving, loyal friend. It is also partly due to the fact that most people in first world countries now have access to the internet and so can shop from the comfort of their armchair in stores located far away from their position. Though things such as a dog bed or dog kennel are favorite accessories, the most popular single item of clothing always has been and remains, dog jackets.


There are several different types of dog jacket available depending on your need:

Dog Coats – These are designed primarily to keep a dog warm on cold winter walks. Though most dogs have beautiful, thick coats that will keep them warm in most situations, there are also many pooches with fine or very short fur designed for warmer climes than that in which they live. Very young, elderly or unwell dogs will also suffer from the cold more than a mature, healthy dog does. They are made from comfortable fabrics such as wool or fleece and can cover just the body or also include legs and a hood.

Dog Life Jacket – Though not something that you would instantly think of when contemplating dog jackets a life jacket is an essential piece of clothing if you ever take your dog on board a boat. Your dog may swim very well but, like humans, if thrown overboard into the cold, rough water are unlikely to survive for long without a swimming aid. If you need escape proof crates -

Raincoats – Differing from the traditional coat in that its main aim is to keep the dog dry, rather than warm, clothes are very popular in countries with high rainfall. Many dogs are not too keen on going for a well-needed walk if they know that they are going to get drenched and wet dogs tend to smell the house out on their return. A waterproof coat, with or without a fleece lining depending on the temperature, will protect most of your pet from getting wet.